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Wis asra keygen 2012


Wis asra keygen 2012

 EmEditor Professional – professional version of the powerful text editor for programmers, Web developers and ordinary users with the illumination of syntax and Unicode support. Download key generator for Mercedes-Benz 11.2012 With Wis Asra Net And Epc. This assembly is universal, as it consists of 3 separate DVD, and you can download separately the most current version (11.2012) auto-programs for Mercedes - it SDmedia, WIS / ASRA Net and EPC Net. Mercedes SDMedia multimedia guide contains information on the repair, maintenance, visual clips, make it easier to find and fix faults in the production of Mercedes cars and is a supplement to the diagnostic program Mercedes DAS. Mercedes-Benz WIS / ASRA Net 11.2012 Update Module "WIS" is part is short Werkstatt-Informations-System (information system STOA). Module "WIS" enables fast search and review service information. Module "ASRA" is part of the application. ASRA - is short Arbeitstexte, Standardtexte, Richtzeiten und Arbeitswerte (job descriptions, standard descriptions, specifications and labor times.) The company Daimler AG has created a list of works produced in the STOA. These works have a description and unit of account of the differing for Germany / Austria (values. AW) and other countries (labor times). ASRA is an electronic catalog of standards of work, which provides a quick search of work and the time of their execution. Determined using ASRA data are the basis for repair orders and invoices. Module "SSL" is an integral part of the application. SSL - is short Schadensschlussel - current DTC. In the module "SSL" is calculated fault codes for warranty and post-warranty support of the manufacturer or looking for detailed descriptions of existing codes of malfunctions. Mercedes-Benz EPC Net 11.2012 Update 11/2012 [Multi + RUS] - Electronic Catalogue of spare parts EPC for all machines on the brand Mercedes (cars, trucks, buses, etc. etc.). The new program Mercedes EPC net is much improved and expanded opportunities to work with the network. Installing the server and client side does not require much time and effort. It is much easier to integrate storage and accounting software parts with spare parts catalog Mercedes EPC net managed wrapper is written entirely in Jave. There is the possibility of integration with the base 1C. There are opportunities to customize the desktop to the program Mercedes EPC net for a particular user. Now you can resize the windows, change the location, disable the display of unnecessary data. Became more comfortable with finding the right parts for the Mercedes group. All groups and classes are now available in a single mouse click. To search, you can simply type the first few letters and numbers, and the program will show all the subgroups with the word. Each picture or number, you can attach a message that will be visible to all users of the program Mercedes EOC not working in the same network. Improved filter parts by VIN-code, detailed identification cuts hood plate. Ability to search by SA numbers, etc. All Link Download. -= Copyright 2010 Keygen-Co Brigade.

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