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Ssh keygen name or service not known


Ssh keygen name or service not known

I'm trying to set up hadoop on my amazon instances, on a 2 node cluster. Each instance has a public dns, which I use reference them. So in the /etc/hosts files on both machines I append lines like this. I'm also able to ssh into each instance from the other by simply doing. In the the hadoop/conf/slaves on the first instance file I have. When I start the script It's able to start the namenode, datanode, and secondary namenode on the master, but it says. The same it printed out if I try. I guess the question is how do I tell it to associate node2 with the public dns of the second instance. Is it not enough to append the. line to the /etc/hosts file? Do I have to reboot the instances. /etc/hosts kind of act like a local DNS, when you don't have real DNS associated with an IP address. Do you really need a node1 mapping if you can use directly in the slave and master files. Moreover, it's better to use the private IP addresses of amazon instances instead of using the public IP addresses. You can do a ifconfig in the terminal of each instances and determine their private IP addresses if any. They will probably basically will start with 10.x.x.x/172.x.x.x/192.x.x.x? You can probably then map those instead in /etc/hosts in each of the amazon instances. So, your /etc/hosts in each machine should look something like. And, this is so that the Amazon instances(machines) can resolve each other, if you are anyhow planning to map them.

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