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Putty keygen mac


Putty keygen mac

PuTTY Color Settings. The default color settings of PuTTY can be difficult to read when connecting to the Oracle servers at SIUE. This document explains how to alter the color settings. 1. Launch the PuTTY software. Select your saved session name from the Saved Sessions listbox control and click the Load button shown in this figure. 2. In the left-hand pane labeled Category . expand the Window node and select the Colours option (see above figure). The screen will now appear as shown in the figure below. 3. One easy to read configuration is to change the screen background to white with black text color. Make these changes to achieve this configuration. · Select Default Foreground: Enter numeric 0 (Zero) for Red, Green and Blue (Red – 0, Green – 0, Blue – 0). Alternatively you can click Modify button and select 'black' color under Basic colors. · Select Default Background: Enter 255 for Red, Green and Blue (Red – 255, Green – 255, Blue – 255). Alternatively you can click Modify button and select 'white' color under Basic colors. · Default Bold Background: This is used to set the color of bold letters on screen. Values that work well are: (Red – 165, Green – 5, Blue 37. · Cursor Colour: You can set this to any color except white in case of a white background. Recommended: (Red – 0, Green – 255, Blue – 0). The cursor will be a green block (box. 4. Save the settings by clicking on Session in the left-hand pane – ensure the session you selected in Step 1 above is displayed in the Saved Sessions textbox and click the Save button.

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