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Rsa keygen solaris


Rsa keygen solaris

Solaris: Create SSH Keys for Quick Server Logins. Posted November 20, 2006 by mcdsco in Solaris security. To make access to both servers easier, I have created keys for SSH so that I can shell server to server with no password. Following the steps in this Tech-Recipe will make it possible for you to log in painlessly from one system to another. To create and distribute the SSH key, follow these steps. (If it does not exist, make it off of LDAP s home directory, which according to the document is /var/Sun/mps. # ssh-keygen -t rsa -N "" It accept all defaults. This will create two files in the. directory: id_rsa and The text file has the shared key in it. # cat Then highlight all of the text and copy it to the clipboard. vi authorized_keys Hit i to put it in insert mode, and then paste the key into the file. Press ESC . and type :wq and press Enter to write a quit vi. The result should be something like this. (This should be one contiguous line. I put line breaks to fit within the document.) ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAmhhdjseAbeHL2gHtPH3MAiD k+3Gmcw+0SOozqVFqydhk8xDMh/l9h53QhbkkRsarxEoHZCZ3bc9qISZPJib 9q7uvSRXdgVRM6sMQRWzCqMRwJMz90QL/AejhAiaALGP+aQnp8A2UAzn3 aU9X2YPT+9Y/yKxK45dPR9qJ0YLwFzQr5ltldCYw707yTd/3r8LiBlPh7Q1Pla XV6ospU9thrAZxhT7EJOQ+Pbrw0AaEXeRNPATzcevF7JWuRANj2DMMP7uQ swxSkolyLregDCPIP7vVwP2bbktrtg37tdyC1dBrAup2R0hpB+HOlOmHGUyM q+qzyCp5vujB4V/nyvq9Yw== [email protected. Now, do the same thing again, but in reverse server order. You are going from ldapserver2 to ldapserver1 and entering the RSA public key into ldapserver1 s. If this does not work so that you can SSH to and fro on ldapserver1 and ldapserver2, do not dispair. You will have to make alterations to your /etc/sshd_config file, which is unfortunately beyond the scope of this document.

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